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Affinity Designer is a great one-time purchase software for graphic design. It has more features than the free program I was using previously and has. Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether you’re working on branding. Available for Windows, Mac and iPad, Affinity Designer is an award-winning vector graphics software setting the new industry standard in the world of.


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Powerful contour tool Effortlessly add a contour to any object or increase the width of single open curves. Advanced grids and guides The options you have for setting up grids and guides is almost unlimited. Unlimited artboards Layout all your screens, pages, menus and other items in a single project across any number of artboards. Linked symbols Symbols allow you to include unlimited instances of the same base object across your project. Live pixel preview Pixel perfect designs are assured by viewing your work in pixel preview mode.

Sophisticated typography Whether working with artistic text for headlines, or frames of text for body copy, you can add advanced styling and ligatures with full control over leading, kerning, tracking and more. Professional output for print, screen or collaboration Advanced file support is at the core of the back-end technology behind Affinity Designer. Buy now. Own the most powerful design software today.

Product Overview. User Reviews. Affinity Designer is a graphic designing and UX solution that helps businesses create concept art, logos, icons, UI designs, print projects and mock-ups, among other illustrations. It enables web designers to build and preview gradients, adjustments, effects, transformations and curve edits in real-time.

The built-in vector tools let employees use custom pens, nodes, brushes and pencils to add contours, create abstract shapes and design offset paths. It enables team members to build grid patterns, create isometric planes, manage pixel snapping and handle alignments. Additionally, it lets users handle multi Free trial: Not Available. Free version: Not Available. Full view.

Image 1 of 3 Affinity Designer layers. Value for money. Customer support. Showing 1 – 5 of reviews. Company size: employees. Industry: Media Production. Time used: More than 2 years. You can jump between vector and raster quite easily too. Affinity Designer is very inexpensive, but you wouldn’t know it from using it. This is a full-on, best-in-class vector graphics application for designing logos, icons, UI, mock-ups and more. While Affinity Designer is very similar to Adobe Illustrator, it does behave quite differently in some ways, and will take a little longer to adjust coming from Illustrator.

That being said, it’s still very easy to use. I am very satisfied with the performance the look, style and usability of Affinity Designer I am also using the Affinity Photo and Publisher. It has all the features and tools as Adobe Illustrator and then some more. I absolutely love it! Nothing that I can think of at the moment, all is rainbows and smiles after few years of using it. Not really a finished app I have been trying to integrate Affinity Designer into a professional workflow for a number of years now but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just too painful and there is nothing to indicate that this will improve.

Back when I first purchased this app the developers were promising a roadmap of future improvements which would bring it closer to some of the industry-standard vector apps out there. It’s been two years now and not a single thing on that list has been implemented.

The few updates which have come down the line have focused on things like the app icon. The developers have moved on to other projects, and it seems to me that for all intents and purposes, development on this software has been abandoned. I wouldn’t wish to speculate if this software will even be supported in a few years. So we’re left with an app which lacks some of the most fundamental vector editing tools.

With the exception of skew, vectors cannot be distorted in any way including perspective and it even lacks a knife tool. These are tools which are actually provided by many free editors. Furthermore, many tools are very poorly implemented. Convert to curves produces hilariously unusable results and things like Offset Path simply don’t exist.

The developers themselves are notoriously unresponsive to please for further development. Since going cross-platform there have been many reports of Designer’s instability and since the implementation of Apples Metal API. Development seems to have ground to a halt on this app. Investing time and energy learning could be a waste of time as it may not be around in the future. Overall, this program has been more beneficial than any other art program I’ve used.

I create coloring books and the vectoring tools have made the process so much faster, easier, and cleaner looking than the hand-drawn rastered techniques I was using before. This is the easiest vectoring program I’ve ever used for lineart and I’m amazed at its affordability compared to insanely-priced subscription services like Adobe. I only have two gripes with this program.

When I’m done with a lineart, I want it to be one layer– not thousands. Would really like to see this issue fixed. I looked at a lot of free and inexpensive art programs that had positive reviews but I finally decided to go with Affinity Designer plus Affinity Photo and Publisher because I really wanted a vectoring program and I liked that the ‘Affinity Trinity’ programs effectively replace Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign when used together.

I was starting to have glitches with my very old copy of Photoshop and there was no way I could afford the subscription for the latest version of the program.

I use Affinity Designer on a daily basis, to create graphics and assets for video and animation, as well as all the graphic design needs for my job. Strongly support the vision and accessibility of Affinity compared to the Adobe rent software model.

Love the fact that all updates are also free and they just keep on improving, you go Affinity. Very powerful and well rounded design software. Inexpensive, yet a great alternative to Illustrator. Industry: Writing and Editing. My experience with Affinity Designer has been great. I am a professional writer and only use graphic design and photo editing software a few times per month.

It wasn’t worth the money for me considering how infrequently I used it. For the price, there is not a better option anywhere! I love that Affinity Designer has most of the essential graphic design features of Adobe Illustrator, for a fraction of the price. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and is starting to become more popular amongst designers.

If you come from Illustrator, there is only a small learning curve, and new features are constantly being added to bring it up to par with AI. Some features are frustratingly similar to Adobe Illustrator, but slightly different, which can take time to figure them out, and slow down your workflow. Minor annoyances include not being able to trace a PNG into a vector, and not being able to merge vectors into one layer. Also, there aren’t as many YouTube tutorials as AI, and Affinity only has videos for each function rather than a full course from beginner to pro, which makes it difficult to learn.

I am a writer who only occasionally uses graphic design software, and couldn’t justify paying the very expensive Adobe subscription charges for infrequent use. Affinity Designer has everything I need, and was only a one-time purchase for the price of a 1 month creative cloud subscription! Absolute must for digital artists who are sick of Adobe Photoshop fees,. We have been so impressed with the ease and quality of the software that we have completely switched from Adobe Photoshop to the Affinity software series.

The software is near identical to Adobe Photoshop, with some key features excelling expectations, but the one time affordable payment makes this software a must in this industry. Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher collectively provide the exact same product as Adobe Photoshop and more but are sold separately. Still worth buying each as the value over time compared to Adobe Photoshop with their monthly fees.

I ultimately bought both Affinity Designer and Photo for a combo pack sale – Designer is much better suited for digital art, drawing, painting, animation whereas Photo is better for photos, editing, etc. The fees for Adobe Photoshop is outrageous considering Affinity Designer’s one time payment for the exact same quality and ease of software.

I really like the affinity designer. I use it a lot in my illustrations, it’s great! What I like the most about this program is that I can hybrid design by creating vectors with pixel elements. I also like very much that the program has a one-time, lifetime license! I miss a more intuitive shape builder. There is still little material on youtube, and this is the main source of knowledge I use.

I use programs interchangeably. The ability to add pixels to graphics means that I most often use affinity designer for illustrations, while the vector logo is more convenient for me in another program, because I know it better in this matter.

The interface of Affinity Designer is my favorite part of the software. It is super easy to use and a great alternative to other Vector Softwares. There was a learning curve getting used to all the shortcut keys.

However, once I’m used to it, it was seamless to use. Industry: Packaging and Containers. I started using Affinity Designer because is a smaller app than others than do practically the same for me. Affinity Designer is light, fast and new. When I say it’s light is because it’s much lighter than it’s competitors and updates are not a headache.

Is faster than others trying to do simple tasks. Some products I have used are lagging when trying to do a font search. It’s new, and that it’s the best feature of all. Affinity Designer came out to the market as a fair competitor to Illustrator. Oh, yes Full of bugs, I hope they could fix them soon. It doesn’t have a great community online YouTube videos, discussion blogs, etc , it’s not as popular as Illustrator or Corel Draw. Affinity Designer is lighter and faster.

It sure doesn’t have all the things that Illustrator offers, but it works for me. The things I like most about Affinity Designer is that if you’re familiar with Adobe’s line of products then the transition between the two isn’t that steep of a learning curve. While Adobe may have set the standard in design spaces – Affinity is a great alternative. They also make it easy to learn by providing tutorials on their website.

Menus and items you might be familiar with can also be hidden, but with any program it’s always best to read over what their specific hot keys are to speed up your workflow. I also enjoy that there are different personas that you can utilize within the software itself, especially the vector aspect. There’s nothing that I dislike about the software in general, it’s a great alternative to Adobe products. There’s a slight learning curve, but nothing considerably over the top that would make it difficult to use.

Time used: Less than 12 months. Affinity Designer is a great one-time purchase software for graphic design. It has more features than the free program I was using previously and has allowed me to create more detailed designs for use in my business. I don’t have any formal training in graphic design so learning a new program can be difficult. I tend to turn to Youtube for tutorials and unfortunately there aren’t a lot of tutorials for Affinity Designer compared to some of the other major design programs out there.

At the time I installed Affinity Designer, they were offering an extended free trial. This made it easy to install and try out the software before purchasing and the lengthy trial period gave me time to learn more about how to use the software at my own pace.

When my trial expired, Affinity was still offering a great deal on the purchase price of the software so I happily purchased. The main alternative I considered was Adobe who charge a subscription for use of their software.

Couple that with the ability to work between both Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher, and you’ve got a very substantial yet compact suite for designers and digital artists. If you want to check out the competition, see our best vector editors roundup, our Illustrator for iPad review or learn how to download Illustrator. Since the 1.

Purported to be ten times faster than the 1. As a Mac user not running on a M1 machine, Illustrator, for example, can be more of a game of devout patience. Affinity Designer feels a lot snappier. Affinity Designer is certainly not as expressive a program as Corel Painter , but its vector brushes are not to be sniffed at. The ability to tweak, edit and reassign different brushes to strokes gives you more than enough wiggle room, so-to-speak.

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