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It’s a great game and I am a fan of this type of simulator and game from its first version Operation Flaspoint , the combination of arma2: vanilla with Arrowead is excellent, and environmental effects, such as weather, time of day, wind , ballistics with all its special effects. Furthermore, again there is a possibility even more real When adding mods expansion as the ACE series and related and other mods that add visual particles explosions and thousands of vehicles, but this game has some negative development in terms graphic that leaves much to be desired, example is that often does not provide a high number of fps regardless fluid you have a powerful computer, in my case I have tested 2 pcs.

Also with another PC, a corei7 to 3. And in the end not my pc resources are well utilized, I can not imagine how run on PCs with fewer resources. But worth playing because it lets you indulge in an almost real combat, in their different game modes, either in campaigns, single, cooperative or server, it is a good experience in the plot.

I just wish the developers in the future make these games even more advanced in the graphics to squeeze the full potential of computer gamers because we spend enough money to buy powerful computers in order to enjoy games fluids move from the 70fps. The best: It is easy to install, but it takes a while to settle.

The worst: To me what gave me trouble was the setting controls, but configure it to my liking. The best: Your challenges, highly realistic and exciting living it seems that these. The worst: Much delay for download to my pc. The best: While excellent fill up missions. The worst: more or less I cost me but I learned to use it. Your pictures are great and the design of the environment, guerrilla warfare, the strategy, the game set is excellent. War game in first person; it is free and it offers one of the best qualities ever seen.

Delta Force Xtreme. America Army: Operations Coalition. Battlefield 2. Download free Safe download 2. Try this new version of the realistic game.

In the new scenery that it will offer us, you will not fight in Chenarus but together with the American army and with whom you will see yourself involved in the Turkistan revel groups. Even being an expansion, it is not necessary for us to have installed the previous version to be able to enjoy this one. The first difference that we will find between these versions is that Turkistan ground is very different to the one in Chenarus and, thus, we will have to approach the game in a very different way.

In Turkistan, there are huge deserted extensions of land in which we will be an easy target. On the contrary, its cities are more difficult to go through: streets are narrower and the enemies have thousands of places in which to hide themselves and attack.

Soon, we will realize that in ARM II: Operation Arrowhead, we never know where the bullets come from, the fire is constant and the trust in that our team will make its work is essential. Another different aspect between these two versions is that in ARM II: Operation Arrowhead, vehicles of war have a more important and active role in the game. We will be able to fight by getting different roles; in total, we have four different possibilities: helicopter pilot, commander of a war chariot, soldier or special operations soldier.

According to the role that we take, the artificial intelligence of the game will make us understand that our role is of the most important in the battle. This new release of Arm 2 is developed three years later after the original one, when the new threat explodes in the area of Turkistan As it is common in the franchise of the games “Arm”, the military realism and the presence of extended maps is what is more focused on the game. You will be able to have different roles, from a simple soldier to a pilot of helicopters and tanks.

It has a campaign mode for a player with the possibility of cooperative game , and different multiplayer modes, included in the 3 giant maps with deserted areas, rural areas and cities The game also has a powerful kit of development SDK for free in case you want to add new content to your game after having tries all its endless weapons, vehicles and devices.

This game, together with the original Arm 2, are necessary to make work the famous mod of zombie survival in “DayZ”. Is it reliable and secure? Is it better than other similar ones? Does it offer many features? Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original. Thanks 1 votes. Thanks 8 votes.

The best combat simulator of all time, makes you think and be very extrategico. Thanks 4 votes. The best: Your challenges, highly realistic and exciting living it seems that these The worst: Much delay for download to my pc. Thanks 3 votes. Thanks 13 votes.

Requirements – It needs a Processor to 2. This game is an independent version and it does NOT require the original Arm 2 to work. Size 2. Version Language English. Total Downloads 26, Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7. Developer Bohemia Interactive. Free Download. Demo Download. See more software for Modern War.

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Arma 2 operation arrowhead free pc full version


Click Here To Download Game. Action , Simulation , Strategy. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. In the game’s single-player campaign, Takistani government led by Colonel Muhammad Aziz threatens to use SCUD missiles against a neighboring Karzeghistan, following the outbreak of the economic crisis caused by the anti-government rebels who destroyed a significant part of country’s oil wells.

Players have the ability to perform optional tasks throughout the game, allowing for multiple endings. The game allows the user to include original ARMA 2 content to the game. Please help us! We Don’t have any ads on our site, we give you free download games. In this part of the franchise, drones appeared for the first time. In addition, skydiving has been added.. There is no open card in the single. Instead, it is proposed to go through a chain of missions, and a couple of them are completely focused on controlling a tank and a helicopter.

The campaign consists of 6 tasks. The single-player mode is replayable here thanks to the plot forks, as well as the ability not to complete specific levels to the end and ignore additional assignments.

In the event of the death of a key character or failure of the goal, the story will not be interrupted, but will continue in the next episode, taking into account the consequences. Arma 2: Operation Arrow is not just a shooter, but a hardcore military simulator.

In the foreground is tactics, which has been elevated to the absolute. Wolfenstein The New Order Developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks. Before downloading make sure that your PC meets minimum system requirements. Minimum System Requirements.


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