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Pig cops are flying, which can only mean one thing. Duke Nukem is back! Get ready as he once again saves the Babes of Earth from alien invaders. Check out the launch trailer for all of the over-the-top FPS action, irreverence and unapologetic fun coming your way. Part 2 of a 4 part series, take a look back at Duke Nukem 3D and how it evolved and changed the gaming landscape forever.

Description Share this Try on. Do you have these? Well you can now. The infamous Balls of Steel pinball machine is here and now you can own one yourself! Now your fists will have the awesome protection needed for punching aliens in the face just like Duke.

Huge fan of the king? Deck your avatar out in a Duke Radiation symbol shirt! The one and only chance to fully dress like the king with radiation belt buckle, bandoliers, and red tank top! Hail to the King Baby! This chair is fit for a king and you can be just like Duke with your very own.

Nothing screams cool like some sunglasses and a Duke blonde flat top. Freezing enemies is a past time for Duke. Now you can too with your own Duke Nukem Freeze Ray! Ever wanted to crush things? Download the official Duke Nukem Forever gamerpic pack including logos, babes, Pig cops, and of course the king himself. Squeal piggy! Be an alien pig cop from Duke Nukem Forever.

Creepy, telepathic, and deadly. One of the most infamous Duke enemies, and now you can stomp on one yourself! See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. What a let down for fans of Duke Nukem 3D.

This game just fails on so many levels and misses the mark of its predecessor. The original game was an action packed raunchy romp. It knew how to interject just the right amount of humor to make the game fun without taking away from the gameplay. This game is more like a perverse and profane slasher flick. The worse part is that they sucked all the fun out of playing it.

They took away the jet pack, secret areas and ability to go back through a level before finishing it. What they added was numerous cut scenes and ridiculous puzzles to solve that really do not have anything to do with the game.

It’s sad when I find more enjoyment playing the version of the game then I do the version. Do yourself a favor and go to Steam to get the enhanced graphics version of the original Duke Nukem Megaton Version. You’ll get more enjoyment out of that then this disaster. It was games like this along with Doom and Quake that mortified our minds with gore, porn, death and god-like weapons.

That’s pretty tough to top that. But you’d think that with the graphics today, they could. But sadly no. It’s like the opposite. They never were or will be. And the graphics are nothing on here to be proud of. The people in here look more like lifeless dolls that I swear that the company Barbie owns a copyright or trademark on it. I’ve seen better 3d models from people’s own PCs. Nor do the models on here really interact with you that much. This game is nothing more then a puzzler at best.

Which brings me to that. There are pockets in the game where they’ll have to do them favors. In one scenario, Duke gets knocked-out and starts to dream that he’s in a strip club.

Spoiler Alert This is the only part that you see strippers or a club. Yeah, it sucks. So he’s in here and you’d see about a total of 6 strippers in this club. And the first one you see, makes you run off to do errands for her.

Hell I’d can dream up anything better than these story writers here. So once you get to the alien ship, it gets pretty dark, almost to the point to where you can’t see. The women that are abducted, have a little more dialog, not much else. As duke kills them, he tells them that “It’s better this way. All that does is ruin it. Its one of those STFU moments. Some bosses are what you call a “puzzle boss”.

You have to do something in a certain way to kill him. Which is okay I guess, but every other one? So that’s the long and short end of it. Call me a reto hipster gamer, but I’ll take DN3D any day over this. What they should do is a complete makeover of DN3D with updated graphics. Yes I know they have done so a few years back, along with Doom as well, but it looks something more off of mine craft then anything else.

It was an improvement, but not much. This game comes with a lot of baggage. If it were released as a different franchise, I think people wouldn’t be nearly so critical of it. It’s a solid game. Whether or not it appeals to you is another question. It’s a Duke game. I am perplexed at how many popular franchises have rabid fans because of the “story”. Most shooters don’t rely on story much at all and the in-game plot is always lacking for me, regardless of the game.

Duke Forever is really no exception. There is a basic plot within which you plod along from level to level, solving puzzles and defeating bosses. The graphics are fine. I didn’t notice any real horrible problems with the engine. The only thing I really had a problem with was Duke’s animations. You don’t notice it unless you’re checking yourself out in a mirror, but they consciously decided to have Duke’s animations mimic the stiff sprite animations from Duke3D.

I just don’t think it plays. This would annoy me during multiplayer. Other than all of that, the game is replete with references to how awesome the franchise is. That’s part of the charm of the game. If you’re a Duke fan – you really shouldn’t pass this up, there’s nothing wrong with the game. If you like shooters in general, I think it’s worth checking out as well. One person found this helpful. You really can’t expect anything great from a game that was delayed for so long and juggled between developers.

Well, that isn’t always true, just look at Wintersun’s Time album. Well, DNF wasn’t quite as sucessful. In was so painfully average that people hated it after taking the wait into account. There is plenty of room for improvement; the character animation sucks, the ego meter and ducking to restore health isn’t very Duke-like, a lot of the textures are boring, the PC version is poorly optimized, etc. But on the other side of things, the game packs in tons of laughs. If you find the humor immature, why are you looking into a Duke title to begin with..?

His sense of humor was established in the 90’s, you should know what to expect from him. As for the gameplay, the combat is decent overall. Some level designs were kind of cool, others not so much. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. After taking almost an hour to install steama nd the game it ran not smoothly but jerky and very slow. I thought this DNF would be better than the older verrsions but it seems that the older versions are better than this new one.

Does not lplay well with just a keyboard. Report abuse. New as advertised, accurate description, fast shipping, best price, package protect well the game. Dolby Digital. Does not work. Dvd do jot contain game file. It contain outdated steam software. You will have to download updated steam from online site.

Than downloadgame through it. Game download gets canclled automatically when it is about to finish. Lost my 10 Gb data and money spent on it. The game’s installation was very simple and easy and game is working properly. Report abuse Translate review to English. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us.


Duke nukem forever game for pc –


An intense, first-person shooter installment in the popular franchise that has been around for decades. PC Game offers a free review and price comparison service. PC Game is not an official representative nor the developer of this videogame.

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It sounded like a very creative attempt by fans to spread rumor of a non-existent sequel to an unusual and underrated game series.

A little over a decade ago, Duke Nukem Forever would be ready for release, only to be cancelled due to financial woes. Being picked up by another company thanks to the demands of fans, it gets the release it finally deserves.

Duke Nukem Forever isn’t your everyday futuristic FPS game about an alien hunter, but about an alien hunter who gets by flirting with the ladies and crude jokes. Perhaps it was worth the wait for a release in the current-gen era, if you think about the technology advancements in gaming, though hardly any changes were made since the game’s development in the late s.

There’s a lot you can do around you besides taking out alien invaders, including talking trash to supporting characters, and more you can do that isn’t necessary to the story at all, but as a fixture to the game’s crude side.

Aside from the critiques from disappointed reviewers, Duke Nukem Forever is worth a playthrough at least once, because it’s a game more mature gamers — with an acquired taste of strange humor, of course — have access to after 13 years of speculation.

Improved team-based gameplay with new characters, bigger maps, custom skins, better weapons and user modifications. Crime pays more with every challenging heist scenario plus new customizable weapons and character masks. The action-packed fifth main installment in a world-renowned series, complete with single player and multiplayer modes. Duke Nukem Forever An intense, first-person shooter installment in the popular franchise that has been around for decades.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Grand Theft Auto V.


– Duke Nukem Forever on Steam

There is a basic plot within which you plod along from level to level, solving puzzles and defeating bosses. Categories Categories. What they should do is a complete makeover of DN3D with updated graphics. Visit the 2K Store. Top reviews from the United States. Put on your sunglasses and prepare to step into the boots of Duke Nukem, whose legend has reached epic proportions in the years since his last adventure.


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