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– 5 Best Free Start Menu Replacements for Windows 8

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So what makes the Start menu so popular? This command appears when you right-click the StartFinity button.


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Wait a moment while the wizard analyzes your system. Then, you’ll see a list of all the programs that’ll be removed:. Once you’re finished resetting Windows and creating a new user, the Start Menu should be working again. Did any of these methods work for you?

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Tweet a thanks. Learn to code for free. Get started. Forum Donate. Kris Koishigawa. How to restart Windows Explorer Windows Explorer, which is now called File Explorer, is the application you use to browse your file system and open programs and files.

How to repair corrupt or missing Windows system files Sometimes an update goes awry, or you accidentally deleted an important file while digging around the filesystem.

Once System File Checker is finished, you’ll either see a report of all the files it replaced, or if everything was fine, you’ll see a message like this: If System File Checker replaced any corrupt or missing system files, save all of your open work and restart your computer.

How to reset the Start Menu with default Windows 10 apps The next thing you can try is to reset the Start Menu entirely, along will all the Windows 10 apps that were preinstalled or installed from the Microsoft Store. There are many ways to open PowerShell, but one of the fastest ways is to use the Run program. Give it minutes, and make sure you don’t close the PowerShell window until it’s finished. Don’t worry about them — most are just warnings about why a program can’t be reinstalled: When the Get-AppXPackage command is finished, restart your computer, log in, and try to open the Start Menu.

How to reset your Windows 10 installation If none of the above methods fixed the Start Menu, the last thing you can try is to do a factory reset of your Windows 10 installation. In fact, make two backups. You probably won’t need them, but it doesn’t hurt. Next, click the “Keep my files” button: Wait a moment while the wizard analyzes your system. Then, you’ll see a list of all the programs that’ll be removed: Click the “Next” button, and follow the instructions to reset your Windows 10 installation.

Kris Koishigawa Read more posts by this author. First, you need a Control Panel shortcut. Instead of creating your own, download a pre-made shortcut from German-language blog Deskmodder.

Unzip the folder and put the Control Panel link on your desktop. Notice that the Settings app shortcut is called Control Panel in this folder. Before we can bring the real Control Panel back, we’ll have to get rid of the current Control Panel shortcut.

First, however, let’s back up all the shortcuts in this folder in case something goes wrong. All you have to do is copy and paste the shortcuts into a new folder on your desktop. Call the folder whatever you like, but “WinX Backups” or something similar is probably a good idea.

Once that’s done, return to File Explorer and delete the current Control Panel shortcut. Drag-and-drop the new shortcut from the desktop into the WinX folder. The new setup should look similar to what’s pictured here.

Now let’s see if it works.


– Control Panel is not in Windows 10 Start Menu – Microsoft Community

You won’t be able to use the device until you do a clean install. Select Sign in with a local account instead. Click the StartFinity button, and the StartFinity Menu will appear, offering you a quick access to the familiar places such as Documents , Pictures , Music , Downloads , and so on:.

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