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10 Best Games For 2Gb Ram PC Free Download – [ List].

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10 Best Games For 2Gb Ram PC Free Download – [ List] · 3. Max Payne 1 and 2 · 4. Counter-Strike Global Offensive – Our Choice · 5. Battlefield. Best 2GB RAM Games for PC Download. Below are 22 PC games that can be played on 2GB RAM laptops/desktops that we recommend: 1. GTA: San Andreas.


– Best pc games for 2GB RAM PC – Full collection with the download link


Mafia: The City of Lost Heavens is an action based game based on the Mafia world that sets in the s. The details in the game is amazing. When look at the cars and buildings, it takes you back to the s. Also, the missions, concept, gameplay and storyline of this game makes it worthy to make it to this list. Cricket 07 is a cricket simulation computer. If you are big fan of cricket, then you should not miss this one. Cricket 07 was made available for both PlayStation 2 and Windows users.

On 24th November, , the game was released. It was previously released in Australia on 14th November, On the cover art for Cricket 07 , you will find the popular English cricketer, Andrew Flintoff.

There are not so many cricket games available out there, so you should appreciate this one. The game is so popular amongst cricket playing nations. There have also been modifications in the game, you would find several patches on the net. On these patches, you would see that recent updates in Cricket have been reflected in the game.

This time we are recommending two game of the same series. Portal 1 is the first installation of the game, while Portal 2 is the second. It is a puzzle game that many have referred to as being legendary. People were quite interested in the game when it was launched because there was something new it offered, a unique concept.

The quality of the storyline is also fantastic, one that you would enjoy seeing. If you need a good lightweight pc game, then Portal 1 and 2 got you covered. The game series makes it one of the most followed in the world. I find it surprising that some people have never played this game. Max Payne 1 and 2 are two installations from the Max Payne Series. It is an action shooting based game.

The game was developed by Rockstar Games, so you know what that means. It makes it a sister to the the GTA game series. The year is and this game is still one you should try out because it has an amazing storyline and compatible with your 2GB RAM PC. This is the second war simulation game on our list. If you would love to test those war strategies you have had in mind, Rome Total war gives you the opportunity.

If you want a larger army, you can get it on the game. We know numbers are important, but your technique is far more important. I find it interesting, and I think you would too. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a open-world racing games for 2gb ram pc download. It is the ninth installment in the Need for Speed series.

I really love the Need for Speed series. It was developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Also, important I mentioned they hand some assistance from Raven Software, and then published by Activision. I have a friend that still plays Call of Duty. Hitman: Contracts is a popular stealth video game.

The game was developed by IO Interactive. That is what makes it a famous stealth game series. As the name implies, you are the man for the job. You are told to eliminate other people in the game. Some missions are tougher due to security. The graphics, gameplay and storyline makes it one that we would recommend. The Global Offensive is one of the best game in the Counter-Strike series.

The game was released in The Battlefield 2 is a combat game that was developed by EA games. The game is over 14 years now, but the fun is still in there. The first-person shooter gameplay is one that is still amazing to play. Even if you have a low end computer, you can still play this lightweight game.

Far Cry 2 is the second installation of the Far Cry series. Hearthstone is a card game where you collect characters card. If you find Blizzard games interesting, then Hearthstone is one you would enjoy as well. You can even collect characters card from Blizzard games. The game is amazingly competitive and can be played on very low end computers. It can also be downloaded for free. Borderlands 2 is the second installation in the Borderlands series.

Not too long ago, a successor was released in the series — The Borderlands 3. By the way, there are only a few differences in both installations.

We would recommend you get the Borderlands 2 that is compatible with your computer. You can play any of the games on the list. It can be so discouraging when you feel no games can work on your computer.

Even if you cannot get a gaming PC, you can play some games that are compatible with your computer. There are over 22 lightweight PC games that we covered. The fact is, there are so many games that would work on your system.

We have helped you arranged all these in one article. Have you tried any of the game listed on this article before? We would love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you have recommendations, feel free to leave in the comment so we can include them to this list. If you are by chance a die hard gamer, then you would need a gaming laptop. Then, you can proceed to download them.

There are some situations that can warrant it. Honestly though, 2GB is a little too outdated for a PC. There are financial obligations that could prevent you from upgrading your computer. If you try to buy additional ram on an old laptop to play a game, the processor and cores would also pose a problem. That is why RAM management is important. Well, even if you do not own a high-end PC, all hope is not lost. We have covered some games that would work on a low-end PC.

There are even PC games for systems without graphic card listed in this article. Zerofy Editorial is a team of writers determined to provide evergreen content to millions of readers worldwide. GTA: San Andreas. About the Author. Zerofy Editorial. Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses in Nigeria Latest Airtel Night Plan Code Richest Kings in Nigeria and Net Worth We use cookies to maintain and enhance your viewing experience. You consent to this policy by using this site.

There is a reason this game can suck up so much of your time, and just playing it will show you why. The art style of Stardew Valley is absolutely breathtaking. The game is gorgeous, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise! All joking aside, this game really is beautiful and my favorite season has to be Fall just because of the leaves that change color. While there is no voice acting and the sound effects are slightly forgettable, the music of this game is absolutely stunning!

Every season has a few different songs that fit the time of year. I love this OST and I cannot express just how amazing it sounds! I cannot recommend Stardew Valley enough. If you want just a single, good game that you can come home to, relax and sink a few hours into each day, then you cannot go wrong with this.

I would rate Stardew Valle y as one of my most enjoyed games of all time. The Banner Saga games are developed by Stoic. Yes, this technically counts as two games, but they are just so good that I had to lump them in together.

If you’re looking for a story that’s reminiscent of Game of Thrones but with a Norse theme and turn-based combat The sun has stopped dead in the sky and ancient dangers called Dredge are suddenly emerging from below the surface of the earth.

The alliance between humans and Varl giant, horned humans who live for hundreds of years is fragile — and with the Dredge returning it will only become more strained. You play as a cast of a few people and it is your job to navigate the crumbling world around you.

The game uses tactical, turn-based combat that requires the use of careful positioning as well as careful planning. A wrong move or two and you could lose the whole battle. The art style of The Banner Saga is amazing. Not to mention the amount of detail the artists put in.

The world map, for example, is absolutely huge and fairly well drawn. Each little detail has its own little bit of lore. Sometimes it is astonishing just how much detail goes into the art of this game. And the sound is equally as wonderful — I bought the OST on Steam just to have a little epic music in my life. I would definitely recommend The Banner Saga to anyone.

If you like a compelling story, get this game! If you like beautiful art, get this game! If you like turn-based combat, get this game! If you like beautiful music, get this game! The Binding of Isaac is a very difficult rogue-like game with a steep learning curve.

Some people speculate on the true nature of what is going on. If, however, you take the game at face value, the story seems simple. Isaac is a young boy who was tormented by his overly religious mother. In a fit of religious zeal, she tries to kill him and he escapes via a trap door in his room that leads to the basement.

From here you go lower and lower, fighting hordes of different enemies. The art style of Bo I is both basic and disgustingly brilliant at times. There will be a lot of times where you might make a face because you just killed a sentient pile of poop or a fetus or even a heart if you make it that far.

There are many dark and disturbing themes in BoI with a lot of religious symbolism. If you want a rogue-like game that offers a challenge and some very intense themes as well, then Binding of Isaac is for you.

Honestly, I love this game and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for that extra challenge. SaS is a brutally difficult game developed by Ska Studios.

It basically feels just like a Dark Souls game, except with its own world and art style. The story of SaS is pretty basic, as you would expect from a game akin to the Souls series.

Of course the world has its own lore and such, but your character is basically a nobody. You start off as a sailor that shipwrecks on the coast of an unknown land. From there you will traverse the world, fighting to survive every step of the way. Enemies can be unforgivingly brutal, and you might find yourself using the dodge mechanic a few hundred times per hour. You have a beautifully done 2D world with amazing detail and a dark theme.

What more could you want from a game? Even character creation is highly detailed within this 2D world. If you like eerie and foreboding settings, then this game has you covered. Not to mention the interesting, yet at times disturbing design of some of the bosses. The sound design in SaS is also superb! From the swing of a blade to the crashing of a hammer, the combat sounds bring it all to life.

The background music is just as amazingly awesome and makes you really feel like a bad ass at times. Though there are some in this list that does sound better, this game truly does make the best of the sound design implemented.

If you liked any of the Souls games or similar games, then this one is for you! I highly recommend it to those seeking a true challenge. If you are up to it, try it out and see just how brutal this dark, yet beautiful game can be!

I am a massive fan of this game and I play it daily. The story of GW2 is pretty vast and quite hard to summarize, but I will do my best. You, along with some help, will take the fight to each and every one of them. Just take my word on it here, guys.

GW 2 revolutionizes many MMO concepts and takes core mechanics to the next level. Artistically, GW2 is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen. It’s not only stunning in-game, but the painted cutscenes and concept art is beautiful enough to frame on a wall. Not to mention the fact that I just love the brush-painted effect that they integrated into the UI. GW2 has a lovely visual style all around.

And the music in GW2 is absolutely gorgeous! Not only that, but the sound effects are just as good.


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