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What are you looking for Book ” Microsoft Word Level 1 “? They receive step-by-step instructions in creating letters, reports, research papers, brochures, newsletters, and other documents. Key Features A graduated, three-level approach to mastering Microsoft Office applications.

Mentoring instructional style guides students step-by-step in creating letters, reports, research papers, brochures, newsletters, and other documents. Case study assessments at chapter and unit levels test students’ abilities to solve problems independently. In a friendly, human, and often irreverent manner, it focuses on the needs of the beginning Word user, offering clear and simple guidance on everything you need to know about Microsoft Word , minus the chin-scratching tech jargon.

Whether you’ve used older versions of this popular program or have never processed a single word, this hands-on guide will get you going with the latest installment of Microsoft Word. In no time, you’ll begin editing, formatting, proofing, and dressing up your Word documents like a pro. Plus, you’ll get easy-to-follow guidance on mastering more advanced skills, like formatting multiple page elements, developing styles, building distinctive templates, and adding creative flair to your documents with images and tables.

Covers the new and improved features found in the latest version of the software, Word Shows you how to master a word processor’s seven basic tasks Explains why you can’t always trust the spell checker Offers little-known keyboard shortcuts If you’re new to Word and want to spend more time on your actual work than figuring out how to make it work for you, this new edition of Word For Dummies has you covered.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of book formatting till it is ready for publishing. Important topics are visualized in pictures.

This edition does not cover the art of writing or the appropriate style for presenting your creativity to a specific audience The tutorial is also available for the current version of Word and previous versions of Word: Word , Word , Word Last update: January 12 Length: 96 pages 35 color pictures with guide lines.

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Try it! Click the File Tab and observe the options described. This area is called the backstage view. Click the back arrow at the top to return to the main Excel work area.

In this exercise, you will operate a pet store for a month and keep track of your sales for that month. First you will learn how to enter information into a cell. Entering Data into Cells Most of the work in Excel takes place in the rectangular boxes called cells. Cells make up the large white grid called the worksheet. Each cell has a cell address made up of a letter for the column, and a number for the row see Figure 5.

Follow these steps to recreate Figure 5: 1.! Click into cell A1 2.! Type My Pet Store Earnings 3.! Press Enter on the keyboard 4.! Type Type of Pet in cell A2 5.! Continue entering the list of pets shown in Figure 5 Let s continue creating this table by adding column labels: 1.! Click into cell B2 2.! Type Number Sold 3.! Press the Tab on the keyboard 4.! Type Price in cell C2 5.! Press Tab 6.! Type Total per type Figure 5 – Worksheet area, columns, rows, and data in cells The worksheet should look like Figure 6.

Basic Formatting – Labels Figure 6 – Worksheet with column labels The words you type into a cell are called labels. Excel has many formatting tools to make labels look better and easier to read. For example, the label Number Sold is too long to fit into a cell B2.

Select cell range A1:E1 click and drag from cell A1 to E1. Your worksheet should look like Figure 7. Place the mouse pointer on the thin line between column letters B and C. Double click, and the columns will automatically adjust to fit the text in column B.

Make the text in every column easy to read. You may also click and drag to adjust the width of the column. Basic Formatting – Values Figure 7 – Formatting and columns adjusted The numbers you type into a cell are called values.

Working with values in Excel will begin to show you the power of the software. Type the values you see in columns B and C in Figure 8. Click into cell B3, type 27, then press Enter on the keyboard. Continue until you ve added all the values in range B3:C9. Note: when typing the values in column C prices , do not include the dollar sign.

A cell range uses the cell address of the first and last cells in the cell range, separated by a colon. Select cell range C3:C9. In the Numbers group under the Home tab, click the small arrow next to the dollar sign Accounting Number Format as seen in Figure 9. You will click English United States , but browse the many options in the drop-down menu.

Figure 9 – “Accounting Number Format” Calculating with Formulas Let s learn how to perform basic calculations in Excel, called formulas. For example, how much did the pet store make during this month from the sale of pet dogs? Click into cell D3. Note: formulas always begin with an equal sign. Click cell B3. Note: in an Excel formula, an asterisk is used for multiplication. Click cell C3. Your worksheet should look like Figure Press Enter. How much did the pet store earn from sales of pet dogs?

Repeat these steps similarly for the Cats row. Hint: start in cell D4. Figure 10 – Basic multiplication formula Tip: When you select a cell when preparing a formula, the moving lines around the cell that look like marching ants is called selection marquee.

Also, notice the formula bar above the column letters which shows the formula in the selected cell. The box in the top left of Figure 10 is the Name box which shows you what cell is currently selected. This is a powerful feature in Excel called Autofill. Select cell range D3:D4. Place your mouse over the fill handle in the bottom right corner of the selection.

The mouse pointer changes from a large white cross to a thin black cross. Click and drag the fill handle down to cell D9. Release the mouse button and you observe the power of Autofill.

Tip: You can see the formula used for a cell in the formula bar. Let s suppose a store clerk misplaced a few receipts for rodent sales. Five more rodents sold than reported in the worksheet, so number of rodents sold is 23 and not Make this change in cell B7, and press Enter.

Notice the Total dollar amount for rodents sold cell D7 adjusts automatically see Figure Click in cell B Then, in the Editing group of the Home tab, click the command called AutoSum. You should cell range B3:B9 automatically selected and formula in cell B Press Enter and you will see the sum total of number of pets sold see Figure Functions are formulas that Excel has already prepared for you to use quickly.

Functions include a name like SUM which describes what it does, and a set of parentheses with the function s arguments The arguments show how the function is calculating information. In this case the function is adding all the values in the cells B3 through B7. Save Your Work To make sure you don t lose your work on a document, you should save early and save often. Click the File tab 2.! Click Save As 3.! Click This PC 4.! Click My Documents 5.!

If you have a Microsoft account Outlook, Hotmail, etc. Learn more at bit. Let s take the tour! Click the File tab, then click New. Click the Welcome to Excel template see Figure Read the instructions and complete the exercises to learn and practice more about Excel.

Stop by your local library or go to kcls. On an Internet enabled computer, try these online courses:!! Go to: Excel Essential Training from Lynda. Go to kcls. Certification is a great way to prove your skill to teachers and employers. You re already on track with this class, so make it your learning goal!

Ribbon menu The Ribbon menu system with tabs for various Excel commands. This Ribbon system replaces the traditional menus used with Excel In this introductory MS Project course, you’ll learn the basics of project management and Microsoft Project. Microsoft designed Project to manage project plans from start to finish.

By the end of Microsoft Project Level I, you’ll be able to create a project, organize tasks, and finalize a project plan. Picking up where Microsoft Project Level I left off, this course explores more advanced features of the application like updating tasks, analyzing a project plan, and creating custom reports. Corporate Training Options We have extensive experience developing curriculum for a variety of training sessions, either onsite at your office, here in our Midtown Manhattan offices, or through remote virtual training.

Live Online or Onsite Live online training with real-time instructor-student interaction Conduct onsite training at your offices Customize your curriculum or choose from our existing courses Flexible scheduling Group Class Vouchers Order vouchers in bulk at a discount Choose which courses are available to employees Frequently scheduled courses in a range of topics Employees choose their own schedule Private Training at Career Centers Central location in Midtown Manhattan Modern computer lab—students arrive hands-free Customize your curriculum or choose from our existing courses Flexible scheduling.

Upskill your team with our leading corporate programs. Contact us for a free consultation. Good learning experience taking Outlook! Comprehensive Support Materials Learning does not end when the instructor goes home. June Advanced Microsoft Excel. Add to cart. Microsoft PowerPoint Level I. Beginner Microsoft Excel. Intermediate Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word Level I. Microsoft Word Level II.

Microsoft Access Level I. The site is home to thousands of lessons across various subjects, and they’re all available for free. Of those lessons, there’s plenty that cover basic Microsoft Access education. Most are available in either text or video format both include helpful diagrams and illustrations to guide you along. The nice thing about the course as a whole is that it introduces Microsoft Access’ concepts, before it shows you how to use them. While these aren’t the most in-depth tutorials, they’re great as an introduction and as refresher lessons in case you get rusty and need a few reminders.

Though Quackit is technically a resource for web developers, it does contain a short and sweet tutorial series for Microsoft Access. As such, it should be supplemented with a more in-depth resource. Rich Holowczak is a computer guru who has worked with numerous computer systems leading all the way back to the Apple II and has been teaching computer science for several decades.

Suffice it to say that he knows his stuff. His website is home to many tutorials, but his biggest hit is his Microsoft Access series. Richard Rost is a man who knows about Access. Our latest suite of Microsoft Office learning tools includes comprehensive, full-length courseware for semester length courses, level books for shorter courses and FastCourse options for training in a day or less.

Every Office text offers an interactive ebook, printed options, a robust set of instructor resources, an online student learning resource center, and eLab automated assessment. Teachers and students: You can now receive a free copy of Microsoft Office Shop By Subject.

Results of 36 1 2 Transform your classroom with interactive, responsive learning tools and the best in digital design.


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Microsoft access 2016 level 1 pdf free.

Click the various tabs and observe how the Groups and Commands change. Napier Creating tables in Microsoft Access The aim of this guide is to provide information on using More information. Copyright CMS e-learning Department. Calculating with Formulas Intro to Excel spreadsheets Intro to Excel spreadsheets What are the objectives of this document?

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