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The interviewer expects the candidate to know each and every terminology along with its function:. MS word , also known as Microsoft Word is a widely used commercial word processor designed by Microsoft and is a component of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, but can also be purchased as a stand-alone product. It was initially launched in and has since been revised various times. It is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The most recent web-based version of Microsoft Word is Office , but the software version of Microsoft Office includes Word We have tried to cover up the majority of interview questions on Microsoft Word , which can be asked in the interview.

The above questions cover basic as well as the advanced features of MS word. Liked the content, and wish to know more interview questions of the different products of MS Office, find the solutions here. When not found coding, our technical consultants can be seen helping out others. Ask Your Question. Login Register Forgot Password. LOG IN.

Forgot Password. By Best Interview Question. Last update : 11 Mar , 22 Questions. Some of them are as follows- Students use MS Word for designing and creating their school projects Used to develop workplace documents. Used for creating cash memo, joining letter, bills, receipts, and other management related work. Used for making their resume Conversion, editing, and transcription of PDF documents Creation of articles, books, and newsletters.

What are the components of MS Word? What is the latest version of MS Word? What are the main features of MS Word? Answer MS Word has various features to offer to the users, and the most significant of them are as follows- Checks the spellings of the content written in MS Word document Checks punctuation and fundamental grammar issues of the sentences which makes the software used widely Color, font, style, and size of the words of the content written in the document can be changed, and there are various options for the same Design tables and graphs Provides different templates for various designs.

How to add footnotes and endnotes in MS Word? Answer Footnotes and endnotes can be added in MS Word- Click at the reference part of the page of the document Click on the References tab, and select Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote Right in the area of footnote or endnote Now, double-click the symbol or the number to return to the place of the document.

How do I remove Ctrl-click from a hyperlink? Uncheck this option as it is set by default. Click OK. How to create a second column in Word? How do you add labels to graphs in Word? Here Labels and an Envelopes dialog box appears and click on label tab forward To change the format of the label, click on the label thumbnail Write the content to be added into the Address box Chose Full Page of the same Label Click on the New Document button Click on the Insert tab Click on Pictures command button To hunt down the image which you want to add, use the Insert Picture dialog box Select the image, and then click on the Insert button The image should be on the first label.

What are the advantages of MS Word? How many types of views are there in MS Word? Answer There are several views of MS Word. These are- Web Layout View :- You can get a preview of how your document will look on a website or as a website.

All the borders, graphics and backgrounds which you have added in the document can be viewed in the browser. The best trait of this view is it is open to editing and saving your document.

However, performing calculations becomes more comfortable and faster while working with functions. Shown below is the order of precedence while performing an Excel operation.

As seen above, first, the data in the parentheses is operated, followed by the exponentiation operation. After that, it can be either the division or multiplication operations.

The result is then added and finally subtracted to give the final result. We must put parentheses brackets after a particular operation. The count function is very often used in Excel. It counts the number of cells that contain numeric values only. Cells that have string values, special characters, and blank cells will not be counted. Shown below is an example of the count function.

It counts the number of cells that contain any form of content. Cells that have string values, special characters, and numeric values will be counted. However, a blank cell will not be counted. Shown below is an example of the counta function.

As the name suggests, it counts the number of blank cells only. Cells that have content will not be taken into consideration. Shown below is an example of the countblank function. The filter mechanism is used when you want to display only specific data from the entire dataset. By doing so, there is no change being made to the data.

Enter the address and the text to display. Here, we are directed to the Amazon Website. Shown below is an example of the concatenate function. You can split a column into 2 or more columns by following the below steps:. Select the cell that you want to split. Then, navigate to the Data tab, after that, select Text to Columns. It then returns the value in a left-to-right way. Start Learning. In Excel, the IF function performs a logical test. It returns a value if the test evaluates to true and another value if the test result is false.

It returns the value depending on whether the condition is valid for the entire selected range. Given below is an example of the sumif function. The dataset we will be using is shown below:. A pivot table is like a summary table of the dataset that enables you to create reports and analyze trends. They are useful when you have long rows or columns that hold values you need to track. Drag the fields you wish to show in the pivot table. Here we have created a pivot table using the Coronavirus data.



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Apr 29,  · Microsoft interview questions and answers 1. Interview questions and answers – free download/ pdf and ppt file Microsoft interview questions and answers Related materials: Interview questions -Interview tips -Job interview checklist -Interview thank you letters -Job records -Cover letter -Resume 2. Most frequently asked top Basic And Advanced MS Office interview questions and answers pdf with detailed explanation for competitive examination and entrance test. Jul 13,  · Microsoft Office Questions and Answers. Microsoft is expanding its horizons with its newly revealed Office software suite. The updated Office Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.


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Some attributes of the documents you insert after the first one may be lost e. Once you get all the documents combined, you can work on finishing up document formatting details, page numbering, etc. If your individual documents are more complex, Word’s Master- and Sub-document feature is what you need. This feature is too complex for coverage here, but Word’s Online Help will get you started. Choose Customize from the Tools menu. In the Customize window, select the Commands tab. Select Mail Merge from the Categories list on the left.

Select Insert Mail Merge Field on the right. Release the mouse button the Insert Merge Field button will appear on the toolbar. Note: The method of “data exchange” has changed in Word from older versions of Office.

One detail that is different is that the formatting of data from an Excel spreadsheet is lost when documents are merged. One fix is to use formatting “switches” in the merge fields in the main document, which is somewhat confusing. An easier fix is to change the data exchange method back to Dynamic Data Exchange or DDE the method used in previous versions of Office.

This method will apply the formatting in the Excel worksheet to the fields in the merged document. To make this change: 1. Choose Options from the Tools menu, then select the General tab. Check the Confirm conversion at Open box. Click OK. Select All Commands from the Categories list on the left.

Select Mail Merge Helper on the right. Continue holding the mouse button and drag Mail Merge Helper to the Letters and Mailings menu item the Letters and Mailings menu will open.

Continue holding the mouse and drag Mail Merge Helper to the first position in the list of items. Release the mouse button Mail Merge will appear on the menu. Click the Close button. The Standard and Formatting toolbars can share one row in later versions of Word, or they can be displayed on two rows, as in the older versions. Also, the menus can show a basic set of commands, with the recently used commands shown first, or you can show all commands.

Choose Customize from the Tools menu. Click on the Options tab. Use the check boxes to make your selections. The options on the task pane may change, depending on commands you have chosen. For example, some Word commands that displayed in dialog boxes now display in a task pane. If you don’t want to use the task pane, you can hide it by clicking the X in the upper-right corner of the task pane. To turn it back on, select Task Pane from the View menu. Since the question is relatively open and broad, you can steer it in nearly any direction.

That means you can use it as a chance to highlight relevant skills or traits that you want to showcase that you may not be able to work in otherwise. Additionally, you can tweak your approach based on which of the Microsoft jobs you are trying to land, allowing you to discuss a product or service that aligns with the nature of the role. If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose Microsoft Office I appreciate any tool that allows me to work efficiently. Since documents created with Office are cloud-stored, I can access them with any internet-connected device, including while on the goal.

Microsoft is an international company with employees scattered all around the globe. Plus, many Microsoft jobs are remote, allowing the person in the position to work without ever setting foot in the office.

Hiring managers want to know that the candidates they choose can coordinate effectively with colleagues with ease, including those they may never meet in person.

That makes this question incredibly important for a surprising number of positions. In my last role, I made use of a wide variety of platforms to remain connected with my coworkers. I found collaboration software to be incredibly beneficial, allowing us to have off-the-cuff discussions, share documents, and more.

However, since having strong bond can boost our effectiveness, I also took additional steps to forge meaningful connections. For example, I coordinated monthly video-based team gatherings that were more casual. This allowed us to have a virtual water cooler-esque experience, adding a social element that made us feel like a cohesive unit.

First, the Ribbon will now stretch across the entire Office suite of programs. The placement of commands has been tweaked to make common tasks easier to find, and — unlike in Office — you’ll be able to customize the Ribbon to your own personal preferences by adding, deleting, and relocating menu options. Some of the additions in Microsoft Word include a new Paste Preview option that allows you to preview the formatting of content before inserting it into your document; improved options for customizing text with effects and various styles; and the ability to insert screenshots into a document without exiting the Word program.

You can also more easily edit images with an improved photo editing tool. The updated Microsoft Outlook includes a Gmail-esque “Conversation View” that lets you group connected e-mails into single conservation entries; the ability to create macro-style shortcuts to simplify common tasks; direct access to your contacts list from your inbox; and the addition of on-demand translation tools.

Microsoft Excel adds something called “Sparklines,” described as “tiny charts that fit within a cell and give a visual trend summary alongside text data. The most noteworthy additions to PowerPoint are related to video: You can now import videos from different formats and make edits right within Office — and, for the first time, you can export your entire slideshow as a Windows Media file.

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