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Open Amazon WorkSpaces Client Downloads and find the WorkSpaces Windows client. Under Get the latest bit client, choose the Download button. client. Learn how to connect to your WorkSpace. You can connect to your WorkSpace using the client application for a supported Windows Client Application.


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Open Amazon WorkSpaces Client Downloads and find the WorkSpaces Windows client. Under Get the latest bit client, choose the Download button. client. Learn how to connect to your WorkSpace. You can connect to your WorkSpace using the client application for a supported Windows Client Application.


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You can view your registration code and what Region your WorkSpace is in. You can specify whether you want the WorkSpaces client application to save your current registration code, and you can assign a name to your WorkSpace. You can also specify if you want Amazon WorkSpaces to keep you logged in to a WorkSpace until you quit or your login period expires. In the Manage Login Information dialog box, you can see the registration code and Region information for your WorkSpace.

Optional If you want the WorkSpaces client to remember your current registration code, select the Remember Registration Code check box. Under Saved registration codes , select the WorkSpace that you want to name. Optional If you want WorkSpaces to keep you logged in until you quit or your login period expires, select the Keep me logged in check box. You can switch to full screen mode by choosing View , Enter Full Screen 3. While in full screen mode, you can switch back to window mode by moving the pointer to the top of the screen.

The client application menu is displayed, and you can choose View , Leave Full Screen 3. The WorkSpaces client applications support Japanese. In the WorkSpaces client application, open the Advanced Settings dialog box. Enter your desired language in the Select a language list and choose Save.

The maximum supported resolution depends on the number of displays, as shown in the following table. Graphics bundles support only a single monitor configuration with a maximum resolution of x If you have a high pixel density high DPI display, the client application automatically scales the streaming window according to your local DPI settings.

Configure your local machine to use multiple monitors. For more information, see How to use multiple monitors in Windows 10 in the Microsoft documentation. Your WorkSpace should now be extended across your displays. Whichever display you have designated as your primary display is also the primary display in WorkSpaces when you enter full screen mode. If your network requires you to use a proxy server to access the internet, you can enable your WorkSpaces client application to use a proxy for HTTPS port traffic.

The desktop streaming connections to the WorkSpace require ports and to be enabled, and do not go through the proxy server. Proxy servers that require authentication with a username and password are not supported. By default, the 3. The first time the client is launched, the device operating system proxy server setting is used.

If you select another option for the proxy server, that setting is used for subsequent launches of the client. If a proxy server is specified at both the operating system level and in the WorkSpaces client, the client setting is used.

Starting with version 3. In versions 3. If you want to use a custom proxy server with the Windows client, we recommend upgrading to the latest version. In the Set Proxy dialog box, select the appropriate options, depending on which version of the 3. Windows client version 3. To use a proxy server, choose one of the following options, and then choose Save :. Use your device operating system settings — This option uses the proxy server settings for your operating system.

Windows client versions 3. If you deselect Use proxy server , no proxy server is used when you access the internet. To use a custom proxy server, choose Use proxy server , enter the URL or IP address and the port for the proxy server, and then choose Save. By default, the 1. To specify a proxy server, use the following procedure. Your WorkSpace session ends, but the client application continues running in case you want to log in again. Your WorkSpace session ends, and the client application closes.

In the Amazon WorkSpaces client application, close the WorkSpaces client window by clicking the close X button in the upper-right corner. In the End Session dialog box, choose Yes. You can also log off of the WorkSpace. Choose Sign Out. The clipboard supports a maximum uncompressed object size of 20 MB.

When copying from a Microsoft Office app, the clipboard only contains the last copied item, and the item is converted into standard format. If you copy content larger than KB from a Microsoft Office app, the app might become slow or unresponsive for up to 5 seconds.

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Windows Windows. However, Windows cumulative or security updates are supported by the WorkSpaces image-creation process. Your Microsoft licensing agreement allows Windows to be run in a virtual hosted environment.

Using a minimum of WorkSpaces per Region is a requirement for running your WorkSpaces on dedicated hardware.

Running your WorkSpaces on dedicated hardware is necessary to comply with Microsoft licensing requirements. The management interface is connected to a secure WorkSpaces management network used for interactive streaming. This allows WorkSpaces to manage your WorkSpaces. For more information, see Network Interfaces.

As you adopt the WorkSpaces service, the available management interface IP address ranges frequently change. For more information, see Management Interface Ports. You have a virtual machine VM that runs a supported bit version of Windows.

The VM must also meet these requirements:. The Windows operating system must be activated against your key management servers. The Windows operating system must have English United States as the primary language. No software beyond what is included with Windows can be installed on the VM. You can add additional software, such as an antivirus solution, when you later create a custom image. All customizations should be made after image creation.

We recommend making any customizations to the user profile through Group Policy Objects GPOs and applying them after image creation. This is because customizations done through GPOs can be easily modified or rolled back and are less prone to error than customizations made to the default user profile.

The password for this account might be required later, so make note of it. Versions of Windows that are no longer supported by Microsoft are not guaranteed to work and are not supported by AWS Support. If you choose to subscribe to Office through AWS, additional charges will apply. By default, we install a number of frequently used Office language packs on your WorkSpaces. Individual users can adjust the Office language settings on their WorkSpaces.

For more information, see Add an editing or authoring language or set language preferences in Office in the Microsoft documentation. For more information about using GPO to set the language for Office, see Customize language setup and settings for Office in the Microsoft documentation.

Before you can configure Office or Office policy settings, you must download the administrative template files. After you download the administrative template files, you must add the office The office For more information about working with. The following procedure describes how to create the Central Store and add the administrative template files to it.

Perform the following procedure on a directory administration WorkSpace or Amazon EC2 instance that is joined to your WorkSpaces directory. Download the administrative template files.

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